Thanks for stopping by my FUD review site. My name is Sue and I have a background in Nursing and Medicine. I am currently a stay at home mom with two daughters and we like to go on outings including road trips, hiking and, occasionally, camping.

Over the course of time and experience, we have all decided that 'going' in the great out-doors is not as easy as it should be for women. If a comfort station is anywhere within miles when the need arises, we usually find it as disgusting and unsanitary as it was far away.

After wrestling with the idea for a while , I started to research products that would allow us to go anywhere a man goes, and do our business standing up. I was quite relieved to find female urination devices to be very convenient and effective for many urgent situations. With a little practice, using them has become second nature. We now pack them for every trip and even keep them in an emergency kit in the car, right along side the flares and first aide!

This site provides detailed reviews of some great products that I have come across so that visitors can learn more about them and if they are the right ones for them.

Hope you enjoy my site,



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  1. Hi Sue,

    I am looking for a female urinal I might be able to use while sitting in the vehicle. I am having total hip replacement surgery and will have a 4 1/2 hour ride home. I am thinking it might be easier to do that than have to get in and out of the vehicle and fight the lower toilets at the public restrooms. Do you have a suggestion for the one that would work best for that?

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