Does the Freshette female urination device really work? I’m about to explain this to you below, so you can decide if this is the right product for you or not.

Needing to sit or squat when 'going' can be a difficult thing for women to live with. Always looking to find a place that's safe, private and sanitary is sometimes more than just an inconvenience. There are many solutions to help remedy this situation, ranging in price and effectiveness, which can make the decision of what to choose very difficult.

Stick with me because I spent a long time researching FUDs such as Freshette on consumer sites before trying them, and you can read all about it below.

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Prior to trying the Freshette, I had tried other feminine urinary directors. I did not like all of them. I wanted to try the Freshette because I had heard great things about it and I liked the design. The trough is what sold me. No leakage here, unlike with other products on my list. Freshette functioned exactly as it's advertised to do.

Quite often I find myself in very difficult situations when nature calls. We are quite often in mixed groups and it is simply embarrassing to have to squat at the side of a trail or hang your tail end over the side of a get the general idea.

This nifty little item has solved about 99 percent of the problems I have encountered. Freshette is easy to use. You can stand, slip it in place and go right on the bushes just like the "guys." Yes, there is usually some teasing going on, but at least it is not teasing while I am in the act of exposing myself to the entire world.

You can really urinate with the Freshette without showing any skin or having to squat in some unsightly fashion. There are other products that also work in this way also, however they have been reported by user’s to fit poorly or come up short in the ability to direct flow far enough to get clear.

If you are an outdoorsy type of girl, then these are a must and they will make your life so much easier. You only need to unzip the fly of your jeans, pull the panties aside, and position the funnel against yourself. No need to disrobe or drop your pants to use this device.

One thing about that though. I tried Freshette while wearing a tight pair of jeans and no way was I able to get it "placed" into position without dropping trow at least a little bit. Shorts or baggy pants is probably the best way to go with this thing.

The Freshette is easy to clean...all you need is a bit of water for rinsing. They pack well and do not weigh much. So it does fit in my fanny pack for hiking, although, it is bulkier than some other collapsible designs I've seen.

The "travel pouch" is only a zip-lock bag (about 8 1/4 x 4 3/8) with printing and diagrams on the outside so I needed to find a better way to keep it private, store it damp and store it dry. I finally decided to keep my Freshette wrapped in a clean bandana and then store it in a plastic baggie inside my pack. The bandana also provides a bonus frontal (modesty) coverage so I can "do my thing" in a relatively care-free way.

I cut the pointy tip off of the plastic tubing so that it wouldn't poke a hole in the baggie. You don't need the pointy tip anyway. Oh yeah, that tube is a separate piece if you were wondering, and I ended up losing the darn thing so, buy an extra one for backup.

Any Complaints About The Freshette?

Well... Yes, unfortunately. A few.

freshette review

I already mentioned the issue with tight clothing, but that is common with nearly all such devices, so I can't hold that specifically against Freshette too seriously.

Of greater concern to me are things like:

  1. Freshette really seems over-priced for what you get. I mean, it's just a narrowed plastic funnel with a plastic tube attached at the end for Petey's sake. It shouldn't cost more than ten or twelve dollars, should it?. I mean, it works very well, but, really.
  2. I'm not crazy about the princess pink color either. A bit too girlie for me. Now, I'm not in love with cammo mind you, but what about just plain blue, yellow or green?
  3. My tube bends rather severely requiring me to be extra careful with my aim. And then, there's the 'lost one already' thing.
  4. In the end, the Freshette was too bulky for what I was looking for. I wanted a sleek design to carry in my bag.

I may be picking nits here because, in terms of functionality, Freshette is one of the better female urination devices I've tried. We gave it a four star rating and you may personally rate it higher. But, I need to be true to my sentiments here, thus my full report. If my minor objections are of no consequence to you, I'm sure you will be very happy with the Freshette.

Disclaimer: The story(s) depicted on this site and the person(s) depicted in the story are not real. Rather, this fictional story is based on the results that some people who have used this product have experienced. This page may receive compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site.

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Product Summary395061 Features: Anatomically design contours the female body, making it easy to use in all conditions Small, compact design is lightweight for easy transport Complete with a convenient travel pouch that fits neatly into your pack or pocket, so you can carry it everywhere you go Specifications:FEMININE URINARY DIRECTOR FOR CAMPING, TRAVELING AND MEDICAL NEEDS. ALLOWS WOMEN TO URINATE IN A STANDING POSITION WHEN RESTROOMS ARE UNAVAILABLE OR UNSANITARY.

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4 thoughts on “Freshette

  1. There are four models of female urinating devices on market now. All of them are funnel designs and we can develop it to better one. At the same time, we can produce it base on BEST prices than any of them for sure.

  2. I used this Freshette by Sanifem for 7 out of the last 10 days, out camping without electric. It was super easy to use, there was no spillage (even when you really had to pee like crazy) I still wiped myself afterwards, but you may even find you dont have to. Its a really nice size, I was able to tuck it away easily, cupped well. Just make sure you pull that extension all the way out. I did not do that while in the dark of the woods one night and when I put it away I got a bit of urine on my hand, nothing a wipe could not handle and I learned what "I" did wrong. Was perfect! I got the grey, color doesnt matter, I give 6 stars!

  3. I love the Freshette! (Maybe not the name). Both my little girls (2 & 4 yrs) can pee with their snowsuits on! And me too! We live in 6 months of real winter, and this is great. We stand in a line and pee! So much better than the snowsuit fight! It packs smaller then other rigid devices, and it works!

  4. Just bought for my woman friend. We like to go to different bars to try all kinds of beer and you know you just rent beer... And you 'nature call' lot! When drinking beer, my lady friend loves it, We go outside for a smoke break... and we can both use the tree or bush and stand up! She loves it... It makes her want to go more... She told me I should I have gotten this for her months ago.

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