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Welcome to my GoGirl Review, where I outline how this product works and whether or not you should consider using it when it comes to those pressing emergencies.

I assume you are at this page because your original equipment, or that of a close friend, was not designed to work well while standing up. Either way, you don’t need me to explain that a spout has clout when it comes to directing a stream downwind, as I am sure you know that already.

So, Go Girl is a different approach to urination that takes a bit of a mental adjustment for the female mind. Just relax, and let it go.

It’s simple and easy to do once you learn how, but as with any new skill, it requires some practice. It won't be long before it becomes second-nature to you. That's when you will feel a new sense of freedom.

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GoGirl is just the ticket for active girls who enjoy sports, music festivals, camping, traveling, the great outdoors, etc. Sketchy or nonexistent bathrooms are no longer a concern with this handy device. There have been so many times in my life when I wished I had had something like this. It was a real lifesaver on my recent trip to China where I was able to use the traditional Chinese restrooms without having to wait in line for the one western toilet.

If you are fashion conscious, GoGirl is available to two colors: a pinkish-lavender and a khaki. The khaki one looks a little too phallic for my liking so I went pink.

It's is made of a soft, medical-grade silicone and comes packed in it's own storage tube. The silicone rubber is thin so the item is flexible, and it rolls up very small and stuffs into the tube. That might be great for shipping it, but once I took it out, I just could not get it back into that tube.

I had to watch the video on their website several times before I could figure it out.

Let me tell you how to do it:

  1. Hold the GoGirl with the "narrow", exit tube side facing you.
  2. Then fold the GoGirl flat so that the front a back rounded ends meet at the top.
    It should now be in a diamond shape with the exit tube pointing down and slightly towards you.
  3. Fold the exit tube upwards. Now the GoGirl should look like a rounded triangle.
  4. Roll the GoGirl up from left to right like a tiny sleeping bag and stick it back in the plastic carrying case.


There Are Two Issues With GoGirl I Should Make You Aware Of

First: I think the exit hole is too small, it doesn't drain well if you have a gusher. But that is easily fixed by trimming it so it is a bit wider. Then it works better.

Second: GoGirl doesn't fit my anatomy the way I hoped it would. This design seems to work well for very slim women, but for someone with a larger frame it doesn't fit as well. My girls have no trouble with it at all.

It molds to your unique shape and forms a leak-proof seal but I highly recommended that you practice, practice, practice in your shower until you have mastered the technique. When you're done, you can either 1) rinse/wash/dry the device and put it back in the case, or 2) put the unwashed device into a plastic baggie to wash later.

Here are some practical tips I picked up on the trail:

  1. Always make sure you have carefully placed GoGirl before urinating. Be very careful not to place it too far forward or you will miss your goal, and splash your pants.
  2. The hardest part is learning to go keeping your pants up like a dude. When trying to pee "man style" without removing your pants entirely, be extra sure there is a big enough gap between the GoGirl and your trousers, or they will get soaked all down the front.
  3. Always have extra underwear and pants with you when you are trying GoGirl for the first time or two - just in case.

Overall, GoGirl is a quality product that is well worth the small price. It is recommended by my girls and me with 4 and a half stars. Pack GoGirl with a small package of wipes-to-go, and you're all set. You'll be thanking yourself the first time you need it AND you actually have it with you!!!

Disclaimer: The story(s) depicted on this site and the person(s) depicted in the story are not real. Rather, this fictional story is based on the results that some people who have used this product have experienced. This page may receive compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site.

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Product SummaryGo Girl is a simple, sanitary device made from germ-resistant medical-grade silicone that allows women the benefit of going to the bathroom standing up. The easy-to-use device is reusable or disposable and the small storage tube fits easily into a purse or backbpack. Go Go Girl is for actvice, traveling and germ-conscious women who don't have access to a sit-down toilet or who don't want to use unfit facilities.Need a travel'n easy Holder for your Go Girl, we have found it. The SIS Kit comes with an Original Go Girl Female Urnination Device in Lavender, plus an SIS Hot Pink Waterproof Holder which is lightweight Holder and comes with a neck lanyard, 3 moist towelette wipes, and 3 additional baggies. Holder replaces Go Girl Tube, Holder app size is 4.5"x1.5"Lavender Color 2 pack

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  1. Omg I love this. I purchase this because of Lupus MS Anklosing Spondiltis I'm 47 and it just became a issue front the sit position and painful to squat from using the bathroom I was like wouldn't it be great if I could stand up like my husband and Son. Started google and was like Presto it's something out there great great great I'm super duper HAPPY

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