Below you will find my review of the popular British female urinal product; the Shewee.

Shewee is a product similar in many ways to others reviewed on this site and is used widely throughout Europe and around the world.

However, although it works well and is quite popular over-seas, it is not generally known or widely available here in the States.

I just want to make that clear, as there appear to be some minor differences between the products sold in Great Britain and that available over here.

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Shewee. Sort of a funny name, eh? Gotta love them Brits, what with their quaint ways of speaking, what? Always running off to find the WC (water closet) or looking for the loo to have a wee. And leavin' us blokes standin' 'ere wonderin' what they said. Well, no more, I say, give the Shewee a go!

Yeah, you're right. I was just having a bit of fun with that. Shewee is a very popular product all around the world. I am an outdoors person, always have been and finding a bathroom is not always easy. Often times I just had to do what I had to do. Then I found this product.

At first I said "NO way". When I first looked at it, I thought you were supposed to use it as a funnel and it seemed narrow. Then I thought about it. It is like a funnel, but with a plastic arm at the end of it that points to the back. The funnel should be flush with your body (website recommends 1mm space in between to prevent back-flow) you should not be trying to somehow pee onto the arm but rather into the funnel. The "extension" was a little odd when I saw it, but it works just fine and it's a great addition. The size of the hole doesn't restrict the flow too badly and the tube is a must when wearing bulky clothing.

They suggest you try Shewee in your home to get the hang of it first. My first attempt using it wasn't so good and I made a bit of a mess...but the second attempt was much better. Don't give up if it seems difficult. After a few goes it's EASY!!!

Shewee Review

This thing changed my life! What a difference! All women should know about Shewee and have no more problems trying to squat over filthy bathrooms. I wish I had had this many years ago when I was a sales person, always on the road. There were several occasions I nearly had an accident trying to find a suitable public rest room. Now I can drink plenty of water and not worry about how it will be returned to nature. I simply use my Shewee in dirty bathrooms and anywhere that is full of germs, which is everywhere.

I have another brand that is very flexible (GoGirl). It gets pushed up a little in front by my pants. I need to hold it down in front at the same time as I hold it to my body. This one is sometimes actually easier to use. The rigidity of my Shewee seems to prevent leaks or spills, especially when wearing pants. I simply place the Shewee and go. Awesome!

I recommend Shewee highly for anyone on the go. Totally recommended for Army girls and any girl that has an out door lifestyle!! Mind these tips: Stand with feet slightly apart to avoid slashing your feet, and NEVER pee into the wind.

Shewee Can't Be All Good, Can It?

I LOVE my Shewee. I bought the Nato green Extreme with box and extension. The problem, and I use that term loosely, is that I'm torn between these two main styles of female urination devices. I'm in love with the type that can fold up and tuck away discreetly but in all honesty, I've had fewer mishaps with the 'hard shell' type. I guess you can't have everything in this world. But, I CAN pee standing up! And that's a real blessing, believe me.

In the end, I gave Shewee 4 and one half stars out of five. The final decision must come down to personal preference. I invite you to read my reviews of other products on this site and make the determination for yourself.

Disclaimer: The story(s) depicted on this site and the person(s) depicted in the story are not real. Rather, this fictional story is based on the results that some people who have used this product have experienced. This page may receive compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site.

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4 Reviews
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Product SummaryShewee Extreme is your perfect solution for needing to go, on the go! Shewee is an award winning portable urinating device for ladies, allowing you to urinate whilst standing and without removing any clothes. Perfect for camping, festivals, cycling, during pregnancy, long car journeys, climbing, sailing, skiing, the list is endless! Shewee is especially useful if certain toilet facilities are less than desirableShewee is a portable urinating device which allows women to wee whilst standing and without removing their clothes. Used for many years by campers, climbers, skiers, walkers, festival goers and those stuck in traffic jams. Shewee is now a must have accessory for the everyday woman too to use when facing those dirty toilets. Often women will "hover" to avoid actually sitting on the seat altogether without realising that they haven't emptied their bladder completely and will almost certainly re-visit the toilet before too long. Shewee allows women to urinate standing, in the privacy of their own cubicle. Using shewee means you will not be bending the urethra, which causes some urine to be left inside the bladder. It's this urine that can become the cause of infection.Shewee is the urinating device that allows women to urinate without removing clothes whilst standing or sitting. Stand in the privacy of a public toilet cubicle to keep away from the germs or use it when there is no toilet available. Includes Shewee funnel, extension pipe and case. The extension pipe is an extra length pipe that fits easily to your Shewee funnel for use if you're wearing bulky clothing or enjoy extreme winter sports. It's also great for extra reach when aiming into a Peebol. The case makes for easy storage to keep all the parts neatly together. Tip! Need to travel light? Urine is sterile as it leaves the body so just take your Shewee without the case.

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